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WGOS Mobile Services

Mobile services are also available as part of the Wales General Ophthalmic Services. 

Most WGOS levels can be delivered as a mobile service.

Patients are entitled to a mobile service if they are unable to leave home unaccompanied.

The main aim of the WGOS Mobile Service is to deliver safe and effective ocular health care to people whose circumstances make it impossible or unreasonable for them to receive care in an Optometry Practice. 


If you are a domiciliary provider, to deliver WGOS you must ensure that you have completed EHEW accreditation and the mandatory WGOS compliance modules.

  • For information regarding EHEW accreditation for individuals, please contact
  • For information regarding EHEW accreditation for practices, please contact
  • For training resources related to WGOS compliance, please go to Learning Resources. 
  • For further information on individual pathways, please see the WGOS manual, or go to the WGOS pathways section of this website. 


WGOS Mobile:


Woman with her head in ophthalmic apparatus 
Equipment Required