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WGOS 2 – Including Examinations for Urgent Eye Problems

WGOS Level 2 Band 1 - Examinations for Urgent Eye Problems

This examination is for patients who have eye problems of an acute nature. It can also be used to accept referrals from another healthcare provider.


WGOS Level 2 Band 2 - Further investigation/examinations

These examinations enable patients to have additional investigations following a WGOS Level 1 or Private sight test only. They can only be used to further inform or prevent onward referral to the hospital eye service.


WGOS Level 2 Band 3 - Follow-up examinations

This examination enables a patient to be followed-up after they have had an initial appointment for a WGOS Level 2 Band 1 or for a post-operative cataract check.


Please read the WGOS manual for full details:



All optometrists who perform WGOS must provide WGOS1 and WGOS2 as a minimum.

To perform WGOS, the Optometrist / OMP / Student Optometrist must be on the NHS Wales Ophthalmic List and must have completed mandatory compliance training.

For further information relating to applications please see 'How to become WGOS compliant'

For further information and resources relating to WGOS1 please see 'Learning Resources'