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WGOS 3 Low Vision

The following information is for optometrists, OMPs and DOs. It includes how to become accredited to provide the service, and getting electronic versions of the protocols, equipment and paperwork for the service.


If you are interested in providing WGOS Low Vision

Practitioners wishing to provide the service have to undergo training and be accredited by the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences, Cardiff University. To undertake the training practitioners must practice in Wales, be WGOS compliant and be an optometrist or Ophthalmic Medical Practitioner registered with the General Optical Council (GOC) or dispensing optician registered with the GOC.

Dispensing opticians who wish to provide the service are required to undergo further training with regards to pathology. This is in the form of two distance learning modules and an assessment by MCQs.


What does the training and accreditation involve?

The training is in the form of Cardiff University‚Äôs postgraduate modules OPT001 and OPT002. Those who are successful will achieve the College of Optometrists Certificate in Low vision. Detailed information of what the modules involve can be found here: 

Practitioners are also required to complete safeguarding training and depression screening training. Once a practitioner is accredited they receive any equipment and paperwork required to provide the service.

How to do I apply to be accredited?

Accreditation for the service is carried out by the Wales Optometric Postgraduate Centre (WOPEC). The clinical lead for the service, Rebecca Bartlett, can answer any questions that you may have regarding accreditation and the process of application. Queries can be directed to

WGOS Low Vision Resources

  • Please find the Low Vision Digitisation and Signposting of Patient Training here
  • Please find the Certification of Visual Impairment in Wales (CVIW) Training lecture here 
  • Please find the College of Optometrists Guidance here Assessing and managing patients with low vision - College of Optometrists
  • Please read the WGOS Level 3 Manual for full details

Certificate of Vision Impairment Wales documents